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Tiger Stripe Camo Clothes & Tactical Accessories US

Tiger Stripe

Widely recognizable across the globe, the Tiger Stripe is the name of a vast group of camouflage patterns developed for a close-range use in dense jungle during the 1960s. Its design is believed to be derived from the original French Tenue du Leopard or Lizard camo of the 1950s, and it took its name from the visible resemblance to tiger's camouflage stripes. Tiger Stripe pattern features narrow stripes of green and brown, along with broader stripes of black, all with a brush-strokes like look, printed over a lighter shade of olive or khaki, and it proved to work perfectly in tropical woodland environments. Commonly used worldwide, the Tiger Stripe camo became the noticeable trademark of many elite forces, and although it was never an official US-issue item, the US Special Operations Forces such as the US Navy SEALs and the Green Berets are still using this camouflage in various combat operations. Available at Military 1st online store is wide range of combat clothing and tactical accessories in this characteristic pattern, including tactical vests, combat uniforms and army headwear as well as webbing, packs and backpacks.
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