Kryptek Altitude Camo Clothes and Accessories

Kryptek Altitude, which is one of several innovating camo patterns created by Kryptec Outdoor Group, was specially designed for high elevation environments, where vegetation is scarce and scattered and conditions often extreme and fast-changing. Exactly like the company's other camo patterns, award-winning Kryptek Altitude design mix tested camouflage theories and pioneering technology to successfully mimick the visual features of both artificial and natural backdrops. The camouflage has two layers of transitional shading on the background while its foreground features definite random geometrical shapes creating a 3-dimensional effect. Moreover, thanks to a light-reflecting gradient and color schemes chosen to simulate natural surroundings, Altitude camo works well in alpine terrains, well above the tree line, with both lateral and vertical flow, and either at close or long ranges. Designed for extreme performance, Altitude is perfect for experienced hunting enthusiasts who need highly technical concealment solutions and often find themselves chasing mountain goats or snow sheep among granite peaks.
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